Made a new house sign

Made a new house sign because all I previously had were some stick-on numbers which were there when we bought the house. Hope I put enough coats of sealant on it.


Is that 3 layers? I need to do something like this. I pulled the numbers off the house years ago and haven’t attempted to re-label our house.

That one is only 2, although I’m probably going to do 3 for the next one for my customers. It will speed up my creation time (the engraves take a while)

What a unique concept and wonderful execution!

I really like how it turned out. Is it all acrylic?

It’s all wood, actually.

I really love the “you are here” aspect of it :smiley:


Wow. You did a great job with the different shades!

Great job. That looks amazing!

Very unique!