Made some ornaments last minute for my wife's students

Threw these together in Inkscape and made some personalized ornaments for my wife’s students (5-6 grade special needs). They couldn’t believe their names were on them and all called me to say thank you after getting them.


Awwww, that was really nice. Great job!


Yes, very nice!

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Oh what a cute idea! :grinning:

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Want to make some ornaments. Cannot bet the design to cut only engrave. Where did you get the snowman? Where is the best place to get stuff to cut. It says will not cut a bitmap. Tried to save as pdf and svg in illustrator.

Bitmaps can only engrave. When saving a bitmap in a pdf or svg file it will still be a bitmap and can only be engraved. You need to trace the bitmap to get a vector outline to cut. Search for image trace and the software you are using to find how to do this. Each software has different procedures.

Bitmaps are raster files. They’re images made from pixels. You need a vector to cut or score. You can’t make a bitmap into a vector simply by saving the file as a different format. You have to actually trace the bitmap or whatever raster image you have and make it into a vector, then you can use that vector to cut/score.

Thanks. I will try it.

I made the snowmen myself in Inkscape.

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I created some in photoshop. I did have to print and trace but they worked. Thanks for the help.