Made these for a Wedding as Table Arrangements


Made these for a Wedding as Table Arrangements. A Star Wars Wedding. I’m guessing the bride side of the family was one side of the force and the groom’s family was the other. The Falcon is on the lucky couples table. I made a little stand for the Falcon with landing gear so it wouldn’t crush the guns on the bottom.


For a Star Wars theme wedding, that would be stunning.


That was one lucky couple!!


The stands for the Tie fighters and the X-Wings are awesome.

Well done.


Awesome !


The Force is strong with this one.


That really had to be some wedding! Great work!


That had to take a while! Really nice results, too, great work!


So nerdy and awesome. Love it!!


Blimey - there are hundreds!!!




What a fabulous job. It sounds like a fun wedding. Did they go in costumes?


The wedding is coming up still, but she said they were doing traditional wardrobe. But they filled it with different things from what they love. For example they love Jurassic Park and the bride will walk down the isle to the theme from Jurassic park.


WOW! Those are amazing. My husband would love them. Did you design them yourself or were the designs purchased or downloaded?

Thanks for sharing.


They are free on Thingiverse


Here’s a link to the designers page! Files


Very impressive table center pieces!


Wow, I am amazed. Well done.


Thank you for the link!
I’m going to make these as tree ornaments for the holidays. Merry X-wing-mas.