Made with Horween Leather - Testing the Settings

This was my first test using leather; heck first test using my laser cutter. Used veg tan Horween Leather. I love they way it turned out.


Welcome to the forum!
Love the color of that leather…Nice work!
BTW, you’re addicted now…it only takes one project…


Welcome. I look forward to seeing what you make.


Welcome to the community! They look amazing! Love that color!


Great start. You’re going to love this!

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Ah, a brave soul, I hear there’s a smell unique to burnt leather… Welcome!

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Lol, you have heard correct!

NICE! These turned out great

I had the burnt leather smell; however, it wasn’t that bad. It didn’t linger in my studio for very long. Thanks everyone for the compliments.


In looking up Horween Leather (wondering what a Horween was and why it made good leather) I saw many references to Chrome Tanned Leather as a major product of the company.

Any veg-tanned leather works well and I see the company also makes that, but Chrome tanning is generally considered to be a bad thing for lasers and living things. There is some controversy (more than say PVC that is a severe no-no)but no question that the fumes are a bad thing to breathe. and something that deserves knowledge and attention.

The labels look great and welcome to the group. You will find tons of information here from an amazing informed group of folks.


Looks great!

Same here…thought it might me like halloween, only for…watch repairmen…yikes…


Hello - what settings did you use on the Horween?

Welcome to the forum.

We are not allowed to discuss settings for non Proofgrade materials anywhere in the forum except Beyond the Manual.


No worries - just a thing to keep the lawyers happy.