Magic Card Box

I had a few people ask if the tray I previously posted was for Magic cards so I decided to design a box for a deck of 100 cards. It works for sleeved and un-sleeved cards. The top cove is hinged. This one has a leather hinge that is glued on. I may add a latch to keep it closed. The box has a sloped opening so the front edge is lower than the back. I may also make a new version with wooden hinges and latch.



That’ll hold a Commander deck!

Very nice again! :grinning:

Super neat. +1 for dog!

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Good eye, thanks

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New version with hinges and a latch.



Look at you all fancy with your hinges and your latches! :face_with_monocle:

Nice work!

Would you mind sharing your design?

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@dan has requested that we do not ask for designs to be posted.
If the designer wishes they will post them in the Free Laser Designs category.

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