Magic Critter what "species" is it?

When trying to get a base to work from I often go through over 300 Magic Canvas images till I get something close enough to work with, and then there is usually quite a bit of work after that. Sometimes I get something like a well-proportioned six-winged dragonfly and go with the suggestion even if the extra work is still needed.

So it was that Magic Canvas had no idea what an Okapi was and it did not have Ibex or Mountain Goat horns and did not have a head like a horse or a cow. Then there was one with no horns and the ears were almost correct, but the elevation shading was dark but quite good, though the body was ridiculous, I was able to work with just the head and fix the shading to do a decent job. However, the Okapi does have Giraffe-style horns that I have not even seen MC get right on a Giraffe. So I eventually come up with this…

It is not an Okapi but not much else either. I am working on a design that will be able to use a large number of Icons, but I am having trouble deciding just what this critter is.

Does anyone else have some ideas?


It made me think of a white tail deer. Especially the ears and not so much the coloring.

Screenshot 2023-07-02 at 4.29.45 PM


As it is wood and perhaps acrylic in the future the color is of no consequence, and indeed deer was my first impression but the smaller eyes and wider ears have moved me away from that thought, but I may go back to it :slightly_smiling_face:


Cow deer. Thin cow head with deer ears.

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Prey… :roll_eyes:

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Whatever it is… I bet it’s delicious…:thinking:


Hello again :slightly_smiling_face:

It looks a bit angry, like Vigo the Carpathian.


oh deer…