Magic the Gathering card storage box

Here is another Magic the Gathering card storage box. This will hold 18 sleeved 60 card decks (1080 cards) in three rows of 6 decks. The insert is made of basswood, and the top and bottom are made with PG Cherry. I have blurred out my grandson’s name on the top.
Magic Storage Box closed


That is a beautiful clean storage box. We’ll made!


I am sure your grandson will enjoy this box and treasure it as time passes. Nice job.


Looks fantastic! A wonderful gift!

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Awesome! Love the friction fit lid, very nice

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Where can i get this file?

Welcome to the forum.

If a designer wishes to share their design, they post in the Free Laser Design category of the forum. If a designer sells their designs, they will have a link in the user profile.

It is against forum rules to ask for files. Happy one year annniversary, by the way.


I was not aware. I appreciate your quick response! I’ll keep an eye out in case he posts a link. Very beautiful box!
Thank you :slight_smile: