Magical First Box

This is my first attempt at making a box. It isn’t perfect but I love it! I wanted to make something whimsical. The saying I changed from something I saw on the internet to fit the theme. Because I have no formal training on design I am watching tutorials online and trying to learn as much as I can. I don’t mind critic in fact I welcome it, as long as it is constructive. Thanks for everyone’s support to us newbies. I know everyone starts as a newbie, but for those who have been here a while and really know what you are doing, your advice is greatly appreciated.



Great first box!!! Love the engraving!


That’s a very cool layout for your artwork on the box. You are going to be pushing the machine limits with breakout designs soon. Pretty slick and impressive for your first box.


Thank you! I am really loving this machine. I see everyone else’s work and strive to learn more. I appreciate your kind responses!

That looks very smart

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I love the dragon fly engrave and the fact that the box is a tight fix. You have the right attitude and skill to make some amazing things. Please keep posting.


Very nice job on the box! Maple is my favorite for engraving—it gives such nice contrast.

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Very nice work! I know that finger joints were a big challenge for me, so I can appreciate your satisfaction when you finished this.

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Very nice engraving on the box.

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It turned out great, and the engraving is really nice.

That thrill never goes away.

Thank you everyone! I really am loving my Glowforge.