Magnet organization

So up until today my magnet organizational system was “put them somewhere that isn’t too close to the others” so they wouldn’t ball up into a finger-pinchy mess.

Today I went to Home Depot and spent 3$ on a nice big steel bar:

Devised a 2 layer mounting bracket and screwed it onto the workbench. No more magnet mess.


At that height, just watch your wallet. If your credit cards are in a front pocket, you might wipe out the magnetic strip if you lean over a magnet to get to the GF.


My GF table is from Ikea and has a couple metal legs…

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Generally you need a fast moving (changing) magnetic field to scramble a card. I suppose it is possible but it’s pretty unlikely. Most of my cards are chipped anyway so no worries there.

Great idea!

Yeah, my wallet (money clip) has a magnet in it. No problems with my cards for years.

Yeah on top of that, either you underestimate how tall my workbench is, or you overestimate how tall I am :slight_smile: My wallet doesn’t really hit anywhere near that bar. Thanks for looking out though!