I have been asked to engrave a number of business cards on 1/8" baltic birch, I’d like to put magnets on the back, can the Glowforge cut thru magnet sheets?

Hmm you know someone brought this is a while ago. Not sure where that ended up. One sec.

Oh hmm actually there are a few threads you might want to read:


It made such a mess of metal dust stuck to the magnet which subsequently left rust on the fridge… I would’t do it again. My cricut cuts magnets better. :slight_smile:


They Make Business card magnets with peel of sticky back. Just cut your cards the same size then peel and stick.
I found these on Amazon.


Yeah, I’ve done it and it is messy. And I seem to remember it threw up a lot of sparks while cutting. You do have to make sure there’s no PVC, some magnets have a plastic backing of some kind. While it’s a fun way to make magnets of a particular shape (I made a bunch of cats and dogs for family), if your project doesn’t require that it would be better to apply the magnets after cutting the rest of the project.


Thank you all for replying and the information. I will probably use a cricut to cut them then.

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