Magnetic 3 Part Earring Jewelry Box


Cut from Walnut Hardwood and Draftboard, I designed this jewelry box to hold a x-mas gift of earrings, as the box they came in wasn’t going to cut it. The box separates into 3 sections held together by magnets placed in between the layers so you don’t see them. Still have some clean up to do on the black paint, but overall, I’m happy how it turned out for a Friday night project. Originally, I was going to try and put a border around the outside using a living hinge, but ran out of time. I’ll add that to the next one. Hopefully she likes the box as well as the earrings. :wink:

***Updated Pictures



That is super cool.


Good to see all the construction shots


It’s gorgeous! You could still cover the edges with veneer, if you can get it to follow the curve (maybe with a little steaming?).


Looks good. Sounds like it has the added bonus of being able to add layers, if you wanted to.


Great idea.


Like the Stanley cup? Just add more tiers!


Wow! Lovely final product!

I really enjoy seeing (and reading about) project construction. Thanks for taking the time to share the process.


Elegant and beautiful. The earrings are nice, too.


Great use of the zentangle! :grinning:


I had no idea what a Zentangle™ was, so I searched and found this. Woah! Patenting doodles? Hmmm.


Gorgeous box & great design with the hidden magnets! It’s a wonderful way to present earrings, or anything!


What a wonderful gift! Lovely! Was just telling my husband yesterday that I need to get some magnets to use for box lids.


So pretty.


That is gorgeous! nice work!


Cool idea and good execution!