Magnetic Announcement


Now it begins.
Next it will be invitations and then “Etsy up my wedding Daddy…”

a small neodymium magnet press fit into the back of proofgrade cherry ply. Requirement is 100.




You’re a good dad. :slight_smile:

If you want an alternative to press fitting 100 magnets, I noticed the other day that Lee Valley has peel-and-stick rare earth magnets.


Thanks for the link, but the deed is done. 100 sitting in wait. :grin:, plus the ‘magnet hole’ file all dialed in.
Besides, I’ve nothing better to do with myself. :roll_eyes:


Oh lovely, and Jamaica! (Of course!) :grinning:


You just don’t do small, do you?


Hey man, I have very little control over this situation. :no_mouth:


They turned out great! :palm_tree:


Hope this means you’ll be posting laser-made wedding decorations in the near future!


That’s a pleasure to look at! You have a lucky daughter.


Lovely! And congrats!


Yahooo! They came out very nice. I predict you are going to be very busy in the coming 8 months or so.


:champagne: :clinking_glasses:


“Here’s your wedding ring Babe. I made it on the Glowforge.” :rofl::grin:


Thank you all!
It’s a real privilege to have this glowforge at my (Daughter’s) disposal. :grin:
By virtue of the company’s generosity (this prerelease and the the special presale price that allowed me to be here at all), I will be able to give my baby girl and their special day a little customized sparkle.

Gratefully, @daven0701 recently blazed that trail and shared the experience for me to take lessons from! :sunglasses:
If I can even approach his success I’ll be happy.