Magnetic fields affecting Air assist fan and stopping jobs?


Was able to work around it but ran into a new interaction between the GF and the magnets I use to secure my material.

I have the 1/8"x Ø1-1/4" neo magnets on a piece I was running yesterday and noticed that the GF was pausing mid-print, briefly, and returning to work. After a couple times I returned to the GFUI to see a message to the effect of “There’s something wrong with the fan on the head of the GF, contact support”.

I figured it was a buildup of lasergunk™ on the air assist fan and endeavored to clean it up a bit. After cleaning what I could of the fan I cleaned the contacts on the head/gantry interface and tried running the job again. I changed what I was cutting, and it stopped completely in the middle of the job. Tried again, and made it all the way to the point where it had failed before, the first position where the air assist was directly over a magnet. I reset the unit, resent the job and watched the AA fan stop in the middle of the job, at the exact same place.

This is the first that I have seen of a magnet causing issues like this, has anyone else seen this behavior? I have been running jobs with these magnets since I’ve received my GF, and I recall passing over magnets without issue in the past. Maybe the AA fan is going bad? Software update?



The November update mentioned in the software updates that they added fan monitoring. I wonder of the magnets might be affecting the fan speed and setting off some sort of flag.


FWIW, I use magnets salvaged from hard drives and have not had this problem, but others’ magnets may be much more powerful.