Magnets needed

Where do I find the weight magnets, and do they mess up prints

The best ones to use are salvaged from hard drives. There are two of them in the hard drive, but only one can be used for the purpose of holding down material (at least in all the hdd’s I’ve disassembled.) You can buy them from ebay and presumably other sources. The reason for these is they have a shield on one side so the magnetic field won’t interfere with the fan head. That said, I mainly use straight neodymium magnets. The nickel, or whatever, plating cracks if they snap together too many times, but they work. I buy mine from K&J magnetics.

A while back using strong magnets could stop the glowforge head. Not because of the force of the magnets, but because they stopped the fan and the glowforge registered this as an error. Glowforge updated their software and I haven’t seen this as an issue since the update.

If you have a bulge in the middle of your material a magnet is pretty much your only solution. For holding down the edges are you aware of the hold down pins? You can print them yourself from scrap.


If you have a bulge in the material, you can usually flip it over and hold down on the outside anyway, They also sell cup magnets that have the steel blocking the upside of the field that work well also. but even if they turned off the sensor, if the head and fan find themselves in a strong field, it will at the least slow the fan causing the smoke to burst into flame that at the least will not cut as deeply as otherwise.


I use these.

They will pinch your fingers like pliers if you’re not careful.


Thanks alot

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