Magnificent marble machine



This guy’s Youtube channel is so interesting. He collects novelties, and I really like his personality and the weird stuff he has. Here he is demonstrating a neat paper marble chute.


I’ve only seen a few videos and all of their toys are great :grinning:


He’s one of my favorites. :smiley: :smiley:


Simple and complex at the same time. Might be fun trying to make a laser-cut MDF/ply/acrylic version.


Very cool find. I’ll have to take a look at more of his videos.


Really Cool! Thanks for sharing this!


His accent is off the hook!!


I found a couple more cool videos that are related to the marble machine!

Here is the Magnificent Flying Machine:

And my favorite, the Magnificent Walking Machine:


Thanks for the link! I bought a few of these for one of my kids and pull one out when he needs to change activities for awhile. He’s been loving putting them together!