Mahalo! I received my Pro email today!

Just received my golden email - ordered a Pro w/Air Filter on Day 22 (Oct 16, 2017).

@dan I noticed a typo in your User Agreement after I received my email. It still says that I’ll receive my air filter no later than December 2017. I wish this were true!



I received my email today also! High five :raised_hand: for us. I’m so flipping excited–it’s finally happening!!


I think i saw someone else point that out earlier today, possibly late yesterday.


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Also, I received the email at 4:35pm HST, which was 7:35pm PST (until ya’ll change your clocks; we don’t). I saw someone else mention 10:30 EST, so maybe there’s a pattern here.

That seems totally out of date. I hope they have made more than “hundreds” by now and it isn’t their first production run. They have been producing them for months and surely must be into thousands by now.

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A thousand, two thousand is definitely many hundreds of units.

True but you don’t refer to them as hundreds, especially in the context where more sounds better.

Congrats! Update the spreadsheet (if you haven’t already). Hope it’s a short wait!


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