Mailing a pair of earrings a day (cheapest way)

I would like to mail my mom a pair of earrings (hopefully) each day in December. What would be the cheapest packing, and shipping method, I could use to mail?

When I used a small bubble envelope to mail one pair of Halloween earrings to family members the post office charged me $3.40 for each pair of earrings in those bubble envelopes (plus I had to buy them). I don’t want to insure them or tracking or anything like that.

Mom has been a bit down with caring for her husband and not being able to get out and feeling kind of shut-in. If he is awake, she can’t leave. I live too far away; but would like to bring a small beacon of light into her mailbox frequently in December.

Thanks for any ideas!


Why not pack them already wrapped with a dated gift tag for when to open and send them all at once? Kind of like an advent calendar and in a small box, probably less prone to damage.


That’s what I ended up doing. I made up packages for family members containing tiny bags with Do Not Open Until labels. They all have them now and are so excited, can’t wait to start opening. Here’s the project if you want ideas: Advent Calendar (sort of)


That’s really nice of you. The bubble mailers are supposed to be treated as large envelopes up to 3/4inch in width. When I mail it through the self-serve kiosk, it’s usually a little over a dollar. When I take it to a person, they charge me parcel rates, so I end up paying 4.20 or 4.30 ish. I think make her one of these advent calenders (The one in the catalog looks interesting) and mail it to her with earrings in each one. That will be cheaper. Just stick it in a flat rate box.


What a cool Idea!
There are no bounds to a mother’s love, and there really is no sufficient acknowledgment of that, but your idea comes closer than anything I contrived while I had the chance!
Make it so - whatever the cost. :+1: :sunglasses:


No. 10 envelope & first class postage. Probably under an ounce.

Two pieces of corrugated cardboard will fit in the envelope and it will still seal. Make a cut out in one so the pin back or clip can fit down into that piece of cardboard. Sandwich the earring in between the two pieces, Scotch tape them together, into the envelope and 55 cents of postage (maybe $1.05 if it’s over an ounce).


I will use this advice a LOT … I’d like to send some earrings (they are so inexpensive to make!) to cheer up a friend’s day, or my mom’s, or MIL’s, or my mom’s, or my SIL’s, or maybe my sister, or maybe occasionally my mom! …that will save me quite a bit compared to what I just paid for Halloween! It kinda unmotivated me for Thanksgiving when I paid like $12+ to send out a pair of earrings to 4 people. Thank you!


Thank you! It would also be much more reliable than what the postal service has been lately (my gift card from my work showed up in email that it was being delivered…and it didn’t arrive that day or the next…or…) …and she can open one on a weekend even.

I better get really busy Sunday/today if I am going to get this in the mail. I already had a priority mail box packed but not sealed and it is packed…so will have to look at the others and send a larger box out on Monday.

Need to design a couple of Christmas ones for at least 2 weeks (that’s a lot of earrings in one theme) … and New Years … I’d be tempted to do all the holidays but she would be opening them and not be able to wear them for months. LOL Guess I could do “everyday” type of earrings and mix them in there.

I sent her a bunch of valentine ones last year for her and her card group (thanks to another GF user that posted their designs and shared them).

You guys rock!! Thank you …Cynd11 thanks for showing me that… the advent box in the catalog is cool but then there is another thing to try to print and get mailed by Monday…though it is very tempting…I have a feeling I will be lucky to get enough earrings made though. LOL


Ahhhh thanks PrintToLaser. She has been such a great supporter as I took some giant strides to change and improve myself … she sent me motivating cards with comments urging me onwards while I was in college decades after my high school friends had completed their degrees. My life is so much better these days and so much happier. The very least I can do is to try to bring a smile to her face when she is going through rough times.


You got this!
Our post office guy told us that the prepaid boxes are ALWAYS more expensive than if you packaged it yourself.


This is SO thoughtful of you. These times are tough for so many. Your mom will be delighted and feel so very loved when she gets those from you.


that really depends on what you’re shipping. weight matters. flat-rate can be a really good deal if you’re shipping something heavy.


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