Advent Calendar (sort of)

Some of my close family members are despondent about not getting together for the holidays (COVID is really raging in our area) so I decided to try to soften the blow by giving them something to look forward to. I assembled a bunch of little gifts for each day from December 1 through December 24. Most of them are just standard stuff like tiny chocolate bars, packages of nuts, etc, but I did make a few items as well. Here’s a few of them:


Tiny (2.5” x 1.5”) jigsaw puzzles of their pets:

Snarky coasters (forgot to take photo before wrapping):

Tiny votive lamps:

Spirograph (this was the free design from Glowforge awhile back; didn’t have enough clear acrylic so I used some 1/16” two tone I got from BF Plastics):

Tiny happy faces to pass out with tips (made using the Trace function on Glowforge):

I also engraved their names on a few pencils.

I wrapped each gift in an inexpensive polka dot sack with a label showing the date to open:

Then wrapped the whole box in gift wrap with “2020 Advent Calendar for (name)” label.


So incredibly thoughtful! I hope they love it/them!


What a marvelous idea! They will take great joy in opening everything. That was a pretty involved thing for you to put together. How the heck many of those boxes did you make?


What a great way to lift some spirits. This year is the year we have to find new ways to connect.


This is wonderful! They’re going to love it!


What a labor of love! Your recipients will be delighted!


Great idea! Definitely will soften the blow! Better safe then sorry!!


This is so thoughtful…thanks for sharing, great ideas.


@Xabbess, Only three, we have a fairly small local family group.

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That is amazing. I love it!


Ooo that is great! They will love it!!!


You are sooooo sweet!! Such a thoughtful and loving gift … that keeps on giving each day.

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What a great idea! The name flakes are playing with my eyes at OMG why am I up at 4:30 am?!

I’ve been Christmas shopping and totally lost track of time — my husband came in at I think 2:30 and pointed to the clock on the monitor…I’m going to have a heck of a time getting up later this morning. Where was I…oh thanks for the idea this sounds like a great idea! TFS

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