Main Reason for the GF

One of the main reasons for the GF purchase to do this local winery’s logo on the store displays . the CNC just wont give me the detail I was looking for in knotty pine


I’m sorry, “business” is spelled incorrectly.


Yeah, other than that it came out great! Fortunately the misspelled part is separate so you’ll be able to make a new one pretty easily.


Sometimes words are intentionally misspelled in order to grab attention.


Love the artwork & font for Woody Lodge–but takes some time to really appreciate all the detail–I think it’s because the grain is also holding the dark stain it makes it harder for the detailed etching to be seen first and foremost, but hopefully it makes customers stop and take the time to appreciate it! It is a really nice design!

And do recommend correcting the spelling of “business”–it’s hard enough for woman & veteran owned businesses, that even if it’s intentional as a way to grab attention as @lcronkite suggested, it may reflect poorly on company quality/attention to detail…


Im very grateful for seeing that I completly missed that even after hours of working with the project


The growth rings and density are definately challenging . Ive only been on the GF for a short time and definately not as easy as pushing a glowing button as one may think

The plaque looks awesome!

And, if I had a nickel for every time I made mistake in a design and had to rerun it…well, I’d have a ton of nickels!

Thanks for sharing an image of the design. It’s lovely. I really like the cabin, trees, sky, and wood type.

If you did that part in maple or even poplar I think you would get a stronger look. There is a reason that few folk use pine or fir.

Agrred maple is definately a go to for its tight grain pattern unfortunately woody lodge uses knotty pine in everything . Even the actual winerys building is completly knotty pine

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I’ve done the same thing!

A light wash on the unengraved surface would help accentuate the design without distracting from the grain of the material.