Major amazon outage

you may not be able to access

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As Glowforge uses Google cloud for their app and print services, I doubt it will have much of an impact.


Newbie here…

I thought that the AWS outage might be a reason for the spinning and spinning, … You say no, so is there another reason why my print is just literally spinning?

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I think the outage is definitely effecting your job


If you have questions about whether GF is working properly, go to the status page. It’s in this update post:


If you are experiencing spinning, it could be your file or your connection. The Amazon outage will not affect Glowforge as their system is not used by Glowforge.


I remember @dan saying the servers that ‘rip’ the jobs are Amazon AWS servers
Am I wrong?


Glowforge uses Google cloud services as far as I know which really isn’t much. There is a slight degradation of service being shown:

According to as of 1544 PST, their SQL database is not up to full capacity:

Seems a little of both

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