Make a Name Pendant in Affinity Designer


That one is called “Bring Heart” and i have no idea where I got it…probably one of the freebies at one of the sites that everyone keeps linking to here.


:+1:Thank you i will look for it


I have that one, too. I think it was a freebie. Somehow, it looks better in your tutorial illustration than its seemed when I’ve looked at using it, though.


Nice! Thanks!
What font is it that you used for this??


“Bring Heart”.


What am I doing wrong if “convert to curves” is not selectable?


They might already be curves if you started out with a vector. If not, try selecting and right-clicking again.


Thanks @Jules ! This was super easy to do with your instructions!!!


Oh good! I’m glad it worked! :slightly_smiling_face:


Anybody know enough about Affinity Designer on Mac to explain how to use the Snapmark.svg file? I used File>Place to try and import/place the mark on a letter sized page but the file that is brought in has no strokes or fills I can see and the bounding box for the object is huge?


:smile: I’m probably more of a beginner in Affinity Designer than you are, but i did manage to get the Snapmarks to work in it by resizing them once I had the marks in the file. The discussion below explains what is happening…each of the design programs uses a different import DPI, and that messes up the sizing. But if you change the size of the individual marks inside the program itself, then save the SVG, it will keep them at that correct size.

Read through these notes and see if it works for you:


Now I understand. I did not realize the snapmark template file was a template for the whole printer bed. (It makes sense, if you think about the name “snapmark template” versus “snapmark icon” for example, but I wasn’t.)

As a starting point, I should put my design into this file, instead of trying to import the icons into my design.


Yeah, that’s what most of us started out doing. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Once you get the correctly sized marks into the file, you can move them closer together. I like to make sure they are bottom justified though.)