Make an original makerbot with GF




Funny you should mention it, just got this in my email … a mini heated bed


That was my first thought when it came out…almost got one and did just that…


I believe the Makerbot led directly to the Glowforge with me. First started reading Make magazine way back when and as I read more and more, I understood the whole open source design movement. Never could get to the point of making one but it led to looking at CNC cutters instead of extruders. And that is when the Glowforge showed up and swept me off my feet!


I know - crazy that the original Makerbots were laser made!


I am contemplating upgrading my seemecnc Rostock Max V1 3D printer to a Rostock Max v2 using my glowforge when it arrives in December, since the bulk of both the V1 and V2 printer is laser cut parts and have similar non-laser cut parts. It would however require me upgrading to a pro glowforge with a pass-through slot :slight_smile:

Seemecnc even made it easy by committing their CAD files to their github repository.


Ultimaker original is laser made too; a very good 3D printer.
Sure you can find the files in his web, I though.


Printrbot too!


Printrbot would be good. My original makerbot cupcake is having a second (third) life in the kids’ section of the local library, but only after some pretty extensive modifications. The third new extruder I built for it works reliably, as opposed to the one it came with, the bodged version of that, and the first two home-built ones…

It’s also kinda seasonal.


Wow, that’s a great contribution to your local community!


Aw, thanks! I’ve actually been having second thoughts about it, because the cupcake only works with some seriously outdated tools and needs a fair amount of handholding and tlc. I’d love to get a machine in there that kids and adults can use to just. print.