Make Anything Proofgrade - "Proofgrade Tiles"!

(Haven’t seen this on the forum yet, so just thought I’d post this…)

Dear Glowforge Team,

Please don’t ban me! I’m just exploring Glowforge! :no_good_man:

Dear Glowforge Users,

Please allow me to introduce… “Proofgrade Tiles”!

Now you can use different Proofgrade settings on any material you choose!

******************************************* BEWARE *******************************************
If you’re not careful in choosing the “right tile”, you may be using “Medium Maple Hardwood” setting on some cardboard - which could cause some serious flames! This is no different than “entering invalid cutting settings”, so just be careful when entering settings / getting the right tile.

My intention was to continue using a piece of material after the Proofgrade sticker got cut into many pieces. Then I realized that this “hack” allows me to use similar materials with “Proofgrade material settings”. Which means… you can now quickly set the settings using these tiles!

Let me know if this is helpful.




Cool. But I do the same thing without using a tile…just choose the Proofgrade setting that most resembles my non-Proofgrade material. Lickety-split, it’s done.


This is a tool for lazy people like myself… :stuck_out_tongue: Just throw the tile in with the material, and we’re good to go.

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Ok. Cool. Did you just use the scan feature on the GF?

Nah, had to use my phone’s camera to get better resolution. Used the GF scan function on my first try, and the square dots on the QR code had major round edges.

All you have to do is click the Unknown Material button at the top of the left column, and click to choose a Proofgrade material setting.

But if it’s easier to keep track of a bunch of tiles, that’s fine. :smile:


HAHA. WOW. Noob in training… *points to self

Thanks, Jules!

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Yours actually looked much nicer than mine - I peeled off a couple of stickers and kept them on a sheet of paper for a while. :rofl:


I did the same… here are my 2 rev’s :slight_smile:


But now that I know you can click the top left corner to select material…

Where’s the garbage can…?


Oh keep them…they look nice, and you can still use them. :grinning:

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To be fair, I also used to peel the sticker off to move its placement. I’ve noticed it can mess with the cuts or engraves from time to time, plus I also prefer the smoothness of having the machine recognize the code.

To each their own! Whatever is your process stick with it. If you change things up, you may forget steps. I personally really like your solution!

This gives me an even better idea, the glowforge team should let US create custom QR codes with our own settings. Now wouldn’t that be something. I know we can save some of our settings these days, but still, it’s like saying they should ship their proofgrade without codes because we have the option in our dropdown menus to select.


It just feels like a waste to throw the stickers away because they contain precious info (settings to get great cuts!). That’d be a great feature if we can save our our settings using a QR code! Thanks for the feedback, Raymond!!


Very nicely done! Even of not totally necessary, the tiles are lovely in their own right and I’m glad you shared them. Oh, and don’t worry too much about upsetting the GF team. I have never seen them chastise anyone for making something creative or for wanting to help others. In fact, they strongly encourage and support it. The only thing that is expected when you belly-up to the GF bar (err, I mean forum :smirk: :beers: ) is to play nice, be good to others, follow forum rules and show us all your beautiful GF projects. :slight_smile:


I asked about that a while back. Turns out the QR codes don’t contain settings, just the name of the material so the settings can be looked up on the server.

Oh, well.


I love these. I actually prefer the tile approach because I can see, on the bed, what settings are being used. Less likely to be wrong when I can see the tile and the material (rather than accidentally pulling down the wrong item from the list in software).

I can’t use my GF much until the filter arrives, and I’m discovering that the labels are wearing off of stock that is sitting, waiting, for its moment to shine.


Yes, I have a set I photoshop cleaned up that I can print. Because I keep managing to laser mine into bits :slight_smile:


Well if we could fully enter our own settings into the UI, then custom QR codes wouldn’t be so far fetched for us to make. Simple addition, I’d think, to have the team let us store our local settings, since the UI already keeps the previous settings.

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I still like them and like the ease of use. Can you post the files so others can make them?

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Sorry it took so long! Here you go :slight_smile:

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