Make inkscape outline

In inkscape i made a snowflake ornament but having trouble making an outline of it. Help please.


You need to convert all the rectangles to paths, then combine them (Union). Also, the GF can’t process text, so that has to be converted to paths as well.

I cleaned it up for you but I suggest you practice doing it yourself. I also threw in a loop on top in a separate file, assuming you were planning to hang this somewhere? (10.0 KB)


Thank you! Could you tell me in steps what you did?

I can’t say exactly how eflyguy did it, but if it were me, I would do:

Select all (control-A)
Ungroup (control-shift-G)
Ungroup (control-shift-G)
Ungroup (control-shift-G)

(essentially undoing all your groups. Everything should still be selected.)
Object->object to path

(now all your objects are paths.)

click on one rectangle to select it by itself.
Right click on the rectangle and select same… fill color.
(all of your blue rectangles are selected now)

Path->union (control-shift-+)
(Now your snowflake is one outline.)

Adjust fill and stroke on the snowflake and text objects as you see fit.


Pretty much what he said…

Here is a good intro to Inkscape. It might be more basic than you need.

Here is a great video to explain part of what you are looking for. He has many videos that are super at explaining Inkscape techniques.

And this video is a good illustration of combining things they way you need them. There are many more by this author.


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