[MakeCNC] Endwood Castle Catapult


Made another MakeCNC model. This time a little more interesting one in a functioning catapult. For full write up and a gif of the catapult in action, check out my blog: http://laseredby.me/projects/2018/1/21/endwood-castle-catapult.

I should also mention this model is available for $8.95 on MakeCNC’s website.


Nice! Never know when you’ll need to fling a cat. :smile:
(feel free to groan)









So what do you fling with a trebuchet? :wink:


Or a pumpkin.

Very nice engine of war!


Trays? :innocent:


And snazzy buckets. ( thinking of the BBC TV show?)’ Great “user name” BTW way better then Tres Gouty.


Two cats.