Maker Faire and Me


Congratulations!! Well deserved - so glad you got the recognition!!


Nice job! When you make awesome stuff you get recognized awesomely!


Gratzā€¦please keep us all informed as to your workā€¦Iā€¦errrrā€¦We love it.


Congratulations Kallisti!


This is so fantasticā€¦what great recognition personally, and for Glowforge as a tool for making so many creative things. Congratulations, Kallisti!


I stopped by and got the good news in person!

Plus, a sneak peek into Slack (our office messaging program) to show how our team reactedā€¦on a Sunday afternoon, mind you!

Email update June 2017: Glowforge shipments underway, schedule update, and more

What?! An Editorā€™s Award? Fantasticā€¦just like your art, props, and booth. Congratulations! It was so great to meet you.


I was speechless and that doesnā€™t happen often :slight_smile: