Maker Faire and Me


Maker Faire was my first ever convention as a new business. I went with a bit of fear and a lot of excitement. I shipped out my props and got a plane ticket. When I got to the convention center I found my booth, an outside area under a tree, and got set up. I had been placed in the Steampunk area and My neighbors sold amazing jewelry, hats, and clothes. My immediate neighbors were Obtanium Studios, the makers of the Neverwas Haul. These are some of the people that inspired me to get into Steampunk in the first place. The doors opened and I had a constant line of people to talk to for 3 days. I think I maybe took about 30 min total away from my booth in that time. Looking at the stack of used materials I think I printed out 80~100 of the 1x1 cube kits I designed. I was under a tree in the bright sun with a cool breeze and chirping birds running my Glowforge, it was surreal. Near the middle of the third day my Zone Manager came and set something on my table and said ā€˜congratulationsā€™. It wasnā€™t until an hour or two had passed that one of the Glowforge staff stopped by and pointed it out that I looked at it. I had won a Editorā€™s Choice Award. I was struck speechless for a good 10 min. This has been a wonderful trip on nearly every level and if at all possible I want to go next year as well.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending May 27th, 2017
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Woo-Hoo!!! Congrats!


Congrats! Very well-deservedā€“you had some amazing things on display!


You certainly deserved it. Well done!


Whoa! That is fantastic! Congratulations @Kallisti ! :dizzy::boom::sparkles::tada::mega::medal:


cool job, see you are better than you give yourself credit. Keep it up.




Thanks for sharing. Very inspirational. Great work.


Congratulations thats amazing!

Did I miss the photos of your entire booth? Iā€™d love to see it.


Thatā€™s great! Congrats. Letā€™s get some more pics of the booth and your makings!


Whoa! Thatā€™s incredible! Congratulations!


I cannot tell you how incredibly excited our entire company was when we heard you won Editorā€™s Choice for the best of Maker Faire. We won that award for Glowforge, and we were pretty excited, but it meant even more to us when you won it than when we won it ourselves.

In fact, there was only one other thing at Maker Faire that tied it for total joy on our teamā€¦ maybe @takitus will tell us about it. :wink:


This is about the best picture I got since the table was in the shade and I had to stand in the sun.


That is fantastic!!! Oh how I wish I had my Glowforgeā€¦ Our Maker Faire is in a couple of weeks! I will be there racing my modified power wheels car (PPPRS racing) ā€¦ Guess it will be 2018 when I get to show mine off at Maker faireā€¦I should really be good with it by then!!!

By that time I should be full steam into designing and cutting things for my wedding and receptionā€¦ So that will be a lot of funā€¦I am really excited about the prospect!


Amazing! That Marker Faire was a total win-win. Congrats!:smiley:


Amazing job!


Thats super coolā€¦congrats!!!


Thatā€™s wonderfulā€“congratulations!


Congrats!! Well deserved, your stuff is amazing.