Maker Faire application questions

I am starting my application for the NOVA Maker Faire scheduled for June. I ran into a question that I’m not sure exactly how I ought to answer.

"Fire Planning: Does your exhibit make use of fire (any size flame), chemicals, or other dangerous materials or tools (propane, welders, etc)?*"

the answer seems like it could go either way. i would probably just answer yes on general principle of being thoroughly open about it, but almost all the followup questions under fire safety plan that crop up after really don’t apply to a laser and i’m typing in a lot of “n/a” or similar.

What is Burning?*

What is the fuel source?*

How much fuel is burning and in what time period?*

How much fuel will you have onsite?*
No fuel per se.

Where and how is the fuel stored?*

Does the valve have an electronic propane sniffer?*

Other Suppression Devices?*
I will have a fire extinguisher for emergencies, but there will be no open flame.
What are your general safety precautions?*
Monitor the laser cutter visually at all times when it is running. If there are any flareups, immediately douse them with a water spray bottle. With active visual attention, the chances of any fire is extremely unlikely.

does it seem like i am answering these as expected? or should i just say no to the bolded question above?

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Interpretation is always tricky. To me, it’s asking if you are using fire but in the case of the glowforge, the “fire” is an unintentional byproduct that could be created but on a small scale (as long as you are monitoring it). I would think they are more concerned with activities involving a sustained flame like a torch.

i kinda think that too. but the description includes “other dangerous materials or tools”.

i went ahead and sent them a message to see what they said.

Basically the crutch of your situation here seems to be: does your exhibit have the potential to start a fire?

The answer to that is yes. The N/A’s oughta be just fine. If it’s not applicable, it’s not applicable. They need to ask a variety of questions to reduce their follow-up, which just leads to wasted time for everyone.

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that was my first, gut reaction as well. and was their suggestion.

Please say yes. Explain the potential for fire, and that it is small. And that you can bring an extinguisher as a precaution.


I remember this question from when I got to go to the NYC maker fair.
I did say yes and did the things others have recommended.
I Got In and had a blast!!! Enjoy!!!


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