Maker Faire ATL 2019 meetup?

Anyone else planning to head down on Saturday? I’m going with my daughter, probably around 11 for an hour or two (she has to work later in the day so my time is limited…)


This has caught me off guard. I thought it was mid October. Thinking about it.

We’ll be there more like 1pm. Kids. Gotta sleep, you know…

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That’s what I thought as a kid. My father had other ideas. I’m pretty sure that was one of his great joys in life - waking us up early. Looking back, I can’t say as I blame him.

If anyone goes, report back with pics ;p ATL Maker Faire is in a stadium this year, so hoping it is growing? It just happens to fall on the same weekend as Thunder Over Georgia Air Show at Robins Air Force Base, Warner Robins, so I’ll be watching the trick jet flying and exploring C-5s instead ;p


Seems to get smaller every year. There were more educational groups than I recall seeing before, as well as a couple of libraries. Nice to see “learn to solder”, “build a clock”, and similar stations.

The location sucks but at least parking was free, and thanks to GSU for hosting.

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