Maker Faire candy dish



Realized I forgot a candy dish for the booth, so quick trip into OnShape and a group of Brown University students standing around (they are frequent laser cutter users) watching, I made a candy dish using :proofgrade: Draft Board


Do you guys have to bring all your own glue and supplies? That must leave no room for clothes. :smile:


Nice. I’m impressed that you had enough connectivity for both Onshape and the Glowforge. Not to mention working while being watched.


That’s just perfect! A throwdown moment. :smile:

I’m gonna stop by for candy. I already have a GF :rofl:


I try not to wear them frequently… I only brought scrubs (seems more “doctory” as a booth costume - plus silicone spills are less of an issue)


:smile: Just got a mental of you demoing the Glowforge starkers. (Probably draw quite a crowd that way.)


Looking forward to seeing some of you tomorrow. I’m a November if on time, so, it’ll be nice to see a Glowforge in person. I was at Maker Faire last year but didn’t get to the GF booth.


Awesome to be able to whip off a box for your booth! :boom:


Just a cool thing you made to add to your collection of cool Maker Faire things :slight_smile: It was great to see your work in person!


It was great to also meet you in person (and your wife - I did you guys herding your kids along).