Maker space ready and waiting!

Thought we could post our spaces we have set aside for the glowforge. Just got mine finished the way I want it for the most part.

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You ordered the filter then. :slight_smile:

Yes lol but I am still going to vent out the window on any acrylic or plywood cutting. From what I have read that is bad on the filter and acrylic is pretty smelly

Bad on the filter?
I don’t know about that… I consider the filter to be a consumable. Some materials will “consume” the filter more quickly than others, sure, but I wouldn’t think of that as being bad for the filter. I would kinda think of that as saying that hitting the pavement is bad for a motorcycle helmet. You may need to buy a new helmet, but your head will will be protected as well as possible, and that was why you were wearing it in the first place.
(I realize that this is not really the best analogy, but I’m staring at a moto helmet that saved my life, and needs to be replaced…again)


By bad for the filter I meant that it would cause it to be replaced at a faster pace. My analogy would be that I’m bad for a steak, not that eating it is worse than it rotting just that eating it makes it go away more quickly. I intend to use the hose on glued materials so that I can save my filter for when I take it to a friend or families house and not need to run a vent hose.

I see both sides of this debate as valid.
On one side, If you have the option to vent to outside, great! do it.
On the other side, if you don’t have that option, use the filter.

I could see a lot of people wanting to build some type of diverter just for that reason.

ok, @elsman18, we are on the same page.
And yes, @spike I can totally understand many people wanting to be able to switch between venting and filtering. I would want that ability if I had a way to vent… but I am in a building with no windows :mask:

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