Maker Space / Shop / Man Cave?

Hi There…
I’m anxiously awaiting my pro model and I’m trying to figure out where I’m going to put this thing. I’ve been needing to build a woodshed for awhile now, since every time I want to do anything I have to drag all of the tools out. And with the pro model’s ability to feed in materials and the dryer-duct for the air filter, I want to build a shop to work in.

I have some space next to my house that would accommodate about a 20 feet x 12 feet or so shed. This would be ideal for computer use and office space as well, so I would probably need the ability to isolate it into two areas. To keep dust out of the “office” area. Perhaps a vinyl window that opens and closes between that lines up with the feeder on the pro model, to accommodate long materials.

I just wanted to get a discussion going on the topic to see where others are going to put their GF. Maybe we can share some pictures as we get the units and spaces ready.


You might take a look here, several posts and photos about where other users will be putting their GF.


Hey Thanks!

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Here’s another thread on the topic.

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You might consider a Dutch Door / Double Hung door/ Half door if it fits with your space.