MakForge production unit delivery: unboxing, setup and first prints



Should be soon but who knows. By end of day.




:arrow_right: :arrow_right: :arrow_right: :arrow_right: :arrow_right: :arrow_right: :arrow_right: :arrow_right:


Wow! Topography! :smile:


Actual delivery. He comes right when I was switching the stream. Will work on thumbnails to differentiate.

Definitely not the best demonstration. Using my laptop to stream and it’s a bit weak. Tweaking settings.


Haha! Looks like the “this side up” sticker is 100% ignored on every video/pic I’ve seen so far. I can only assume that UPS is training drivers to specifically ignore any exterior notices or instructions.


Working great.

Very precise. Ticks on founders ruler are a bit light for me but super fine and precise. Straight. No waves. Will do some alignment tests now.


Yay! I knew you were going to love the current production machine.


I have christened my new Glowforge Zatoichi, one of my favorite movie characters. A little irony in the name, but I think good for a Basic Glowforge.


Which movie? :slightly_smiling_face:


This was the first one I saw as a kid. Some Saturday afternoon on a UHF station. The 2003 one with Kitano is very good too. I used the movie to talk about tropes and archetypes when I taught high school literature.


Very cool name Marion-san!


That’s exactly why I chose this name. The precision of the beam always reminds me of these scenes.


We used to have a french monk who did Iaidō

Until you have seen someone whip out a razor sharp blade from a sitting position and cut through a piece of bamboo you think it is just stuff the movies make up.

I do not practice Iaidō and my Kyūdō ‘skills’ are pre-rudimentary but i have seeeeen things man…




And then there’s always this sword action.


I saw the same thing in cherry on my new Basic. Light engraves are just a touch too light for my taste.


Escher fish and an eclipse pendent.

Lazy Susan turntable using a 3D printers set of roller/skew bearings.

Raspberry pi and a small stepper motor. Used the Glowforge to make the gears. Now to set up platform.


What in the world are you up to here? Raspi driving a turntable for some diabolical reason.


Laser engraved tortilla records. :smiling_imp:

But seriously, it will be the base for a rotating display for glamour shots of prints and perhaps one day a 3D scanner.