Makin' some curtain rods

The wife wanted to use PVC to make industrial looking curtain rods… I said nope!

Sure… it could have been a $30 project and look OK, but if we’re going industrial, we need actual metal!


They look great!:grinning::grinning:


Looks like they are built to last! Great idea. :grin:


Kinda Steampunk, I like it!


They look great!

Good decision. PVC bends and bows terribly. I built a standing desk with pipe a while back.

I’ve been debating on doing your very project for about 6months. Any tips?


Line up the holes in the floor flanges such that post don’t interfere with driving the screws with a drill… unless you’ve got one of those bendy drivers.

We used 3/4" and I think it looks better than 1/2", also they didn’t have the right sizes in the 1/2".

If painting as we did, make sure it dries really well. Otherwise when your holding it up to screw it in place you will get fingerprints all over it.

Finally, I think you have to put everything together before mounting anything to the wall… and depending on the type of curtains, you have to put them on before closing everything off.

And finally, finally, here’s a pot rack we put up in the same style.


Is that one of those new frying pans that you can drive a truck over? :blush:
Nice job.

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Yeah, I think so. It was $15 or $20 at Target. Nothing sticks to it.

Love this, and your old school whistling kettle!

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Thanks! Not to shatter the illusion, but that’s kettle is only like 7 years old. It’s a Le Crueset though, so hopefully it will last a long time.

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Thought it might be. No mistaking that orange.

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