Making 3D looking designs

What’s the design approach to make these cool 3D looking mesh designs? What should I google to learn more?

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Do a google image search for 3d wireframe.
Bonus: limit search results to black and white.


One thing to keep in mind - the light goes in a straight line, so if you have a piece that’s disconnected, the light will pretty much not reach it. Note on the top one here that the tail is not connected - likely that’s because someone erased the connecting line when they edited the photo - the lower one still shows the line.

That being said, the fewer lines that aren’t part of the design the more it looks like it’s actually 3D - even something like a line of scrub brush at the dinosaur’s feet would allow the light to be spread without it being just a random straight line hanging out in space.


Gr3at question and answers! This is one cool looking piece!

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