Making a Stand

I was looking for something to support my phone while reading or watching a video combining a bit of experimenting with cutting a negative 3d into the green glass acrylic and spraying a metallic gold back that would reflect the design forward or with wood or a dark acrylic to have the design be 3d forward. I built both into the design to see if a choice could be made in the GFUI and as it happens it can.

So basically it is just an engrave that I did at 640 LPI 1000 full and set the height at 0.2 to make it less frosty but 0.3 should smooth it more, with the standard PG cut numbers to cut it out.

The design should snap in with med acrylic and the passthrough is not attached so it would be easy to make thicker. My phone had the power plug off to the side so I made the hole for it wide for many possibilities, and it sits free also.

The Flower design is one of a series I expect to sell so as usual this is posted for personal use only, (7.6 MB)

I shortened the legs a bit on this to increase stability.


Looks great. I may have to cut couple myself for our iPads. I’ve been playing with a design for my Apple Watch. Got a ways to go before it works the way I want.


Nice design- thank you for sharing!


Very nice of you to share this.


Thank you!


Those are beautiful. Thank you for sharing!


Lovely!!! Thank you very much!


Nice design! I did it without the engraving, less than 2 minutes. Thanks!

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