Making a Wooden Link Sword

Yesterday I went downtown to Little Tokyo DAISO and found an awesome really plain wooden sword (for Link) and I really wanted to get it to use as a prop, but I had already spent a ton of $$$ that day, and since I didn’t really need it I didn’t end up getting it. I hope by the time I get my GlowForge in December I can go back there and get one (b/c I really want a wooden sword and I think it would be a great thing to Laser Engrave.)
I really want a wooden sword…


You could probably cut a wooden sword with the GF, and then engrave it. That way, you don’t have to buy one at all. Make it all yourself!

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Just get a section of 2 x 4 at Home Depot, use their complimentary miter saw & box to cut the pieces right there for free, some glue, and some paint, and you’ll have one for very little $$.

Even less $$ if you have the paint, or use a sharpie…


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Aw, heck, if you go on the first Saturday of the month, they have the free kid activities…you can even get some paint from them for free!

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That’s awesome. Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

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im making a couple of swords in the coming weeks. Ill upload photos when theyre done


Awesome!!! :slight_smile:

Heres the first one. Its mordecais sword from borderlands. Modeled in fusion 360 from some original artwork.

The first photo is a game model (bottom blocky) I ripped and imported to compare to the model I built (top shiny one).It doesnt have a hilt or cross guard in this photo as those pieces are being made elsewhere. Its dimensions turned out perfect. Looks like they modeled it from the same drawing I did.

Here it is cut out, ready for cleanup:


Oh man that’s super rad!

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I missed this somehow. Not really into cosplay etc on a personal level - but seeing the artistry involved and end product, I can certainly appreciate (and excited to see more when the GF’s actually ship)!


Yeah, in all honesty I’m not really into dressing up either, but my girlfriend is, and it gives me an excuse to make things I wouldnt otherwise as well as an avenue to meet like-minded makers.

So in cases like these, not only do I get to make awesome stuff, and help my girlfriend (and sometime other friends) on their way to being famous cosplayers, but I also get another cool piece to add to my design portfolio. Industrial design and prop making is something I would love to find myself doing as a living someday. I’m getting ever closer.