Making and donating face shields

Hi everyone!

In April, I was looking around for ways to help healthcare workers when the pandemic was at its all time high and I joined the makecovidstop group that was shared here on the Glowforge forum. Through the group, I met a gentleman named Jacob Blumberg who owns several 3D printers and was in need of people with laser cutters to cut and send him PETG face shields to assemble with his 3D printed attachments.

I reached out to Jacob and ordered as much PETG as I could, which was very difficult due to the high demand of the material from manufacturers selling them to hospitals. Fortunately, I got my hands on some PETG and cut as many as possible for Jacob, who coordinated, delivered, and shipped over 150 of them per week to hospitals. He also shared photos of the 3D printed components and the final pieces. You can learn more about this project on my YouTube channel (just launched today!).

Stay safe all!


That is very cool. Not having my 3d printer ready I have been working on a design that can fit on regular glasses but the PETG I was able to get is too thin I think to do the job. However the clips for glasses could be made much faster than the full headband types.

Thank you! Check out this open source design developed by an architecture firm that I admire. It uses a silicone headband (I believe this is acceptable since it can be cleaned) and PETG.

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Thank you for doing this…and for sharing.

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It is interesting but looks like it might argue with the breathing mask. Mine sits on the nose of the breathing mask and holds it in place, though mine is designed to work with regular glasses so not for every case.