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Hi everyone, I’ve continued to use my laser cutter to make mixed media art which consists of acrylic pieces held together by nuts and bolts with embedded haiku poetry. I’ve been having success getting pieces accepted at juried art exhibits over the past five months and received some awards and even sold a few pieces. Since I’ve seen so much on this site that looks so good, I wanted everyone to know that what you make is art and should also be competitive in being submitted to local and national art shows. Check out for a collection of my pieces that have been accepted at art exhibits over the past five months. Note that I have been exploring the Platonic solids, especially the dodecahedron as it has some similarity to the Corona virus in the making of the art. And also, I’ve been attracted to the edge fluorescence especially in low light of some of the acrylic pieces listed at Canal Plastics Center in NYC. I’ve used laser cut pieces of veneer for “straps” to hold the acrylic pieces together but the flexible natural leather works best for the small dodecahedron pieces which require more bending when being put into their final shape. Some of my pieces have been submitted to 5x5x5 shows and must be smaller than 5 inches in the x-y-z orientation but I’ve been attracted to some art calls that are looking for larger works up to 5 or 6 feet in size for outdoor assembly but the drawback is that the artist must be present to help with assembly and my wife who wants to keep me around a while longer has said that it’s not safe for us to travel, especially out of NJ with the pandemic seemingly in full swing now and she’s right so larger size art will have to be put aside for now. Stay safe everyone and keep making wonderful things.



Hi Mike!

Maybe share some images of your work here?

Most people browsing this forum aren’t going to click to go look at stuff on another site.

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Congrats on your success. I especially like Corona Blue.

Some nice projects. Nice that you’re getting so much enjoyment from your Glowforge.

Thanks for the advice, I’ve attached a dodecahedron with fluorescent edges that glow in low light especially in early morning or just before sunset and you can get a feel for the value of the straps.


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