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@geek2nurse did you see this?


During the beginning of the pandemic there were offers of $50k for a one month sign on…this requires 3 years. Staff are exhausted.

And, it’s getting worse. One of our school secretaries died this week-then her husband died 3 days later, both from covid…both unvaccinated…

I wouldn’t be much help with COVID, as a career psych nurse / NP. They need nurses with ICU training. Those are becoming exceedingly rare, unfortunately – dropping like flies from burnout, IF they’re lucky enough not to get COVID. :frowning:


My family is in Little Rock. Believe me - they need psych nurses there, too. :slight_smile:


Those most resistant to vaccines, and worse those who’s insistence on leaving the hospital because they don’t believe in covid even as they are dying seems to need really genius psyche work :roll_eyes:

Really? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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“ What doesn’t kill you mutates and tries again."


If they’re otherwise sane adults…it’s really a matter of their risk assessment and why not let the chips fall where they may?

Many people won’t ride a “donor”cycle but those who want to and risk killing themselves, that’s on them. You are free to use an enclosed car with airbags and seatbelts.

People want to risk themselves doing things let them. We do it all the time. Mouth, throat, and lung cancer from smoking. Liver failure and impaired judgement from drinking. Diabetes, blood pressure, joint damage, and heart failure from obesity. Skydivers, bungee jumpers, and deep sea SCUBA divers. :man_shrugging:

I’m unlikely to kill someone riding my bike. It’ll either be my fault and myself killed or someone else’s fault (in a car) and still myself killed. It is extraordinarily unlikely that it would be my fault and someone else is killed or even someone else’s fault and they’re killed.

The reason we stop at stop lights and don’t drive drunk is not to protect ourselves but to protect the innocent victims who fall into our path. I spent a dozen years on an ambulance squad and can count on my fingers the number of DUIs that killed themselves without taking someone else with them. And I lost count how many walked away from fatal accidents but unfortunately, they weren’t the fatalities.


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