Making boxes

Decided to make some storage boxes . This one is for my dive camera(s).

image image


Nice work. Sure handy to be able make custom boxes huh?

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i’ve been using a 5mm wood I get from Lowes (4x8 sheet for $16). all of them are flat and cut beautifully. Makes it very easy to create custom stuff. quarantine has given me enough time to go through a couple sheets of it this week…

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Nice job! I like that clasp.


Nice use of your time and material!

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Not sure if @PrintToLaser follows all these topics, but he would happy to see this. Nice.

Can you see who liked a post? Can’t see it right now. Ok. I figured it out.

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Good ole Revolution Plywood! Not the strongest, but probably the lowest price good ply out there, I get it cut in 5- 19"x 48" strips and use the pass through.

Very interesting use of the double wall to hold the lid square. One thing you might find also is that on each edge with fingers is a piece of scrap with the same distance fingers that you can adjust the width to all be fitting together as a hollow square tube that is quite strong and can make many excellent handles even with thin ropes running through them :grin:


Looks great! I have some wood that’s 5.5mm what settings did you use/would you suggest for that?