Making items safe for babies/toddlers

Hi there. I’m still a newbie and am curious about what people do to make their wood safe for babies/todders.

I am making name puzzles and milestone discs (one month etc. that you place next to a baby for photos).

I am just wondering how to make the discs safe for littles. I am worried about them chewing on them etc.

So other than sanding to make clean edges, what about paint? I am using acrylic paint, but want to seal it. I have used the Krylon spray, and am going to try Bullseye shellac, but not sure if they are toxic…pretty sure they are.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what you can seal the wood with that is safe? Thanks!

Do a search here for “alphabet blocks”. I think you’ll find the info you require.


Look for wood finishes that are marked “food safe”.


I love the look and feel of oiled wood. You can use mineral oil, or a cutting board salve, both of which are food safe.


Decorative items like photo props that aren’t intended to be used by children are different from selling actual toys, but the whole thing can be a tough category to navigate because of the risks and regulations involved. And I think there’s a difference between what’s technically safe to use, and what makes you vulnerable to liability issues. (As in; there are things I might be OK with giving my own kids, and then there are legalities [materials, warnings, liability insurance etc.] that you have to consider when selling baby items commercially.) So in addition to what’s chemically safe, make sure to look into safety regulations too. :slight_smile:

Here are some general ideas that might help you get started.

I think this ETSY link might be a good research resource for you too.


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