Making magnetic backed wooden pins?

So I’ve seen a few people doing wooden pins on here, but I wanted to know how to make magnetic backing for them? Is there a tutorial I can he directed to? I’m doing a Steampunk convention in March and Cosplayers don’t like pins going thru their outfits, so I want to try making them with magnetic backings. I’m mostly concerned about what to use and worried if the magnet would easily come off the back. Any help would be appreciated.
Picture of something I want to make pins with.


Amazon sells magnetic backing for pins. These at 3/4 " long may be too big…


@takitus might be a good resource here. Him and his girlfriend have put together some really cool cosplay outfits.


What I did was buy small thin neo-magnets and some steel flashing. I cut the steel with tinsnips and engrave the thickness and diameter of the magnets on the back of the pin and attached them with CA glue.


I’ve always used the magnetic backings, they come in different sizes and are SUPER strong.

If that won’t fit, there are super thin neodymium magnets you can make a small pocket engrave, then glue them in, and glue fabric over the back to prevent snagging on fabric and help keep the magnets in.


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