Making maps and some questions

So I’m trying my hand at some raised wood street maps with some success and some not so success.

Well the first one I made (not finished fully) came out pretty good but my second one I can’t get it to outline the roads properly it’s like the side roads are to narrow and the outline is meeting in the middle and sort of filling in the road if that makes sense.

I’m using snazzy maps have tried a few different ones people made and importing to inscape. In there I’m using the bitmap outline.

I realize I’m probably not giving enough information to get a good answer my brain is fried for today gonna try tomorrow. I know it’s something simple but it’s driving me nuts.


You’re right, I’m not 100% sure what the issue is - but going on:

In your art program you should have some version of an Outset command - that’ll take your lines and set them X amount wider than they are now. It sounds like that would address that particular issue.


Thanks I’ll mess with it tomorrow I’m new to all this haven’t had the glowforge long used to have a cnc carvewright same concept but it had its own design software.

Am using Inkscape and having a bit of a learning curve problem with fill, stroke what makes a cut a score and an engrave.


When you come back tomorrow I’ll suggest you run through the First Prints tutorial - it’s crazy informative for those kinds of basics - and how everything works on this laser :slight_smile:


Keep your head up! This stuff can be tricky! But once you get it you’ll be so satisfied! :smiley:

If you have artwork you want to share, there’s lots of folks who will help not only fix your artwork, but teach you how to do it in the future :slight_smile:

Good luck!


Yah we ran threw that but must have missed something somehow. I’ll have to go threw it again.


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