Making my swear jar on S$#%&! PG Walnut Veneer - not a fan

Has anyone else used the Walnut Veneer 3m adhesive with the Proofgrade settings and had good luck with very fine details? They didn’t even show up… The score lines as well were practically invisible like around the slot on the top. The stuff is not remotely flexible and it, frankly, feels and engraved like it was a laminate not wood. Anyone have feelings on it?


Haven’t used it, but was this with our without masking? That could affect fine detail for sure, and the PG finish makes it easy to remove residue.


I made my crumb tray rulers from it and it worked well. Can’t speak to the flexibility as I haven’t used it in that capacity. Veneer comes in a myriad of thicknesses and with/without adhesive. I’d imagine both of those variables play into the overall flexibility.

Truly, I am sorry for that…I would also be upset. I can’t help but ask though, how much money did you have to put into the jar when you saw that happen? :wink: :roll_eyes:


I’m sure she just muttered “oh, farmer’s market.”


THIS is a great thought and very true as I often prefinish wood and enjoy how easy it comes off. I will try this next.

I wish I could say I did, but I actually just said DAMN (I told her she has to leave me something… and you can say it on TV lol) that’s a bummer… I should have tested it first. I made assumptions that it would engrave just like the ply and you know what they say about assuming. Just wanted to post it as a fair warning to others who might do the same thing. Going to try it without the masking.

I did how ever get heard cursing in the laundry room later and never heard the end of it until I put 50 cents in the jar by my daughter. LOL This thing is working because I am too cheap for this mess. haha


Same results when I tried it weeks ago. I wasn’t at all happy with the details OR the flexibility of the material. I was used to the Maple Veneer and have really gotten great results with that. But I love Walnut and really wanted a darker wood. The Maple seems to bend as much as I will it to. The Walnut is really brittle and seems to crack when bent even a little bit.


I’ve only used it with cuts, or extreme engravings. I did experience that it was really rigid, and I had to use a hair dryer when I applied it to my hydro flask, even with all the living hinge cuts in it.