Making print and play board game cards and tokens

EDIT: Update below

I’m having a hard time finding a topic that specifically addresses the making of custom printed playing cards for print & play (PnP) board games and such. There are several techniques out there and all would seem to be easy with a laser cutter.

My question relates to materials. Among the following things, is there any material to avoid?

Linen Paper adhered to Cardstock or Magazine Backer using 3M Super 77 adhesive and coated in Mod Podge spray? How about sheets of laminating pouches? (this seems most likely to be a problem).

Any advice or threads about this specific topic I can’t seem to find? I see huge potential with this but want to know if there is anything I should be avoiding.

EDIT: So i went ahead and order the laminating pouches and did the flame test to see if any chlorine produced a green flame when burning the pouches. No green flame, so no chlorine. I went ahead and cut out a bunch of cards laminated, all seems good.

Your intuition looks to be about right. You will need to know for sure what the pouches are made from because you have to 100% avoid chlorinated plastics as they are deadly to you and your glowforge. After that, don’t be afraid to experiment. Some things are perfectly safe but just won’t cut worth a hoot. Most natural fibers do well as long as they are not too flammable.

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