Making resin/burnt glue in glowforge easier to clean up

I have not tried this yet (maybe tomorrow), but the indentation in the hinged door on the front of the glowforge seems to accumulate grunge at a surprising rate, and every few days I have to clean it up with paper towels and alcohol. My brainstorm is to tape or use spray glue to attach some easily removed pieces of paper to the door to receive the grunge rather than have it end up on the door itself. this should speed up cleanup significantly. If it works I might extend the idea to other parts of the glowforge IE clear plastic for the window etc.


You could apply paper masking tape to it, or a really long post-it note. :wink:

I think that could work, but I want it to be super cheap and easy to replace. Maybe eventually do away with adhesive and have some clips that hold newspaper or some other cheap paper in position.

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I like to burn more to cover up the old grunge.


If you’re patient, eventually enough grunge will build up you can claim it’s lined with ‘Fine Corinthian Leather’.


I like the masking tape idea. Next time I clean (Monday) I’ll put some frog tape there and see what happens.

Would the crumb tray just hold a piece of whatever in place? Maybe felt so the gup doesn’t bounce?

I’ve got some low tack masking on the way, I might try that.

It does get dirty and all, though I am not sure adding in flammable stuff will make it better. I think a lot of masking tape could end up leaving residue and the low tac stuff would risk coming off while the GF is operating.

I kinda think just sticking with lens wipes and water + paper towels is the way to go.

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