Making Ruler in GF - Lines Disappear

So my mom is wanting some odd numbers for rulers. I designed the rulers but when I add it to GF and tell it to engrave the numbers they disappear from the screen?? When I tell it to score I can see it… whats up with that anyone know? I am aso engraving on the reverse side so I can add paint to the numbers and they won’t fade as she uses them. Any idea why this might be happening?

I am using Silhouette Business Edition. I have saved as svg and pdf … I have converted them to path.

When I go select score I can see the lines but when I go to select engrave the lines disappear. I can see the numbers for engraving… Here is a snap shot.

You cant’s engrave a line, only cut or score.

Only enclosed shapes (or bitmaps) can be engraved.

Never heard of “GF Business Edition”.


I have engraved lines before and I know someone who made rulers and their lines are engraved… Its Silhouette Business Edition…

Do I did a quick score on a scrap and then added paint. It’s just a scrap. I don’t understand why it scores and not engrave. Is there a way to make scoring deeper.

I also added acrylic paint. I took the tape off quickly should it sit for a while then remove tape?


They had to have been very thin rectangles. @eflyguy is correct, you can only engrave enclosed shapes.

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Increase the power or slow the speed.

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Ok, so I did some quick experimenting. If you use the Offset Panel.

and select your lines. then choose Offset and square corners and then specify your distance to very small (I think the with you want your lines)


Once you do that then What I did was remove the original lines, did a fill and transparent outline. When I went into the :glowforge: interface, I was able to engrave the line as it was now an enclosed shape.

Your going to need to experiment some to get it just right.

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BTW, Love Silhouette Business Edition!

Or run more passes. Whichever method - pump more power into the engrave.