Making shields on the Glowforge

So the Seattle makers have created plans for a laser cut face shield, planning to help the effort and start the forge going. It would be great if @dan, wants to help Seattle as well and get whatever units you can spare to help cut shields as well.


Just an FYI in the version here that doesn’t use 3D printed parts:

Update: Our face shield design was not approved for medical use. We will be assembling our current stock and selling and distributing these to the community and organizations in need so we can recoup our costs and reduce the spread of disease

They are already doing this. The have also launched to help connect hospitals with people who can fabricate emergency medical equipment.

There is a ton of info here on face shields, masks, and other ways to help.

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Thanks I was referring to the 3d printed variant just don’t use the right link. I am working with friends we all have 3d printers as well. In just the only one with the laser

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