Making Use of Off Cuts

Lanterns with intricate cutouts make great quick gifts and it’s so satisfying to lift parts free after a good cut. I find the bits left behind both beautiful in their own way and annoying as hell to pick off the crumb tray so started using tape to pick them up. This just means I end up with stacks of taped together bits :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I’ve finally figured out a use for some of them.

Tape them up and fill the spaces with resin! My first pour was a mess and started leaking immediately. I figured out a better taping method for the second pour. These make serviceable petite coasters :slight_smile:


Nice! I’m holding on to some nice bits myself.


Great idea!


Nice inspiration! Great work!


I love this idea!


What a very inventive use for scraps. I also admire the beauty in the cut-outs and hate to throw the away, but I never thought of this. I throw mine in a bag and when it’s full pass it on to a high school art teacher for use in mosaics, but she might get a few less next time :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve thought of making mosaics with my scraps. I’ve done a few crazy-quilt type mosaics in tile, and I’ve painted one before. It’s about time I dive back into it; thanks for the inspiration.


Amazing! I love those :grin::grin:

That’s what I had been thinking of making too (a mosaic)!

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So nice! I too, have intricate “scrap” patterns that I put a piece of masking over & saved. I haven’t worked with resin yet ~ but you have my creative mind churning now…:blush:

Great idea!